Fly-ash raw material


When you are looking for flyash suppliers in Pakistan you must keep few points in mind.

  1.  Fly ash Price in Pakistan
  2.  Fly ash Quality
  3.  Fly ash availability
  4.  Source of fly ash production.

Because it play a major role in the procurement of fly ash and it’s quality and price, also there are many fly ash suppliers in Pakistan. But ash is a difficult building material need extra care and handling which usually fly ash suppliers are failed to do. So before buying any fly ash in Lahore must remember few more points.

  1. What type of Fly Ash Class you need for your concrete,
  2. Check it’s FINE BLAMES,
  3. CARBON content,
  5. CALCIUM OXIDE content.

Specification should be matching ASTM standards. also many fly ash suppliers in Lahore who are selling low standard fly ash, buyers need to understand the technical aspects of fly ash, it would be better if you could consult with civil engineers consultants and do some trials before buy flyash.

Fly ash can be used as a partial cement replacement or can produced fly ash light weight bricks that can be replaced by clay red bricks and can reduce your manufacturing and construction cost, which means huge increase in profit and on top of this you are also giving back to your society by recycling waste into prime material, reducing pollution and supporting eco-green environment.

There are many CPEC and dam construction companies and individual cement dealers, constructors, concrete blocks makers that are looking for fly ash suppliers in Islamabad but due to non availability of fly ash or coal power plant near by they find it difficult to get low price fly ash. But Tradeworth International is the only company made it possible to supply fly ash in very competitive rates in northern area of Pakistan.

Fly ash can be exported to different countries like UAE, USA, UK and  Australia because they consider it a good building material to produce affordable housing and quality concrete with fly ash.

But you must have a good fly ash supplier in Karachi to provide you export quality fly ash in different packings such as 50kg bags to industrial jumbo bags and bulk vessels.

There are few websites where you can find buyers easily such like etc.

There are many other cement alternatives or cement replacement like GGBFS slag, micro silica fumes and RHA but all those materials are quite expensive because most of them are importing from other countries.

As compared to the above mentioned cement alternatives fly ash is available in Pakistan with huge quantity and low prices.

Tradeworth International fly ash supplier in Pakistan is one of the top fly ash suppliers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, providing high quality material with its best professional services. Resulting in fly ash buyers or our customers to have hassle free and comfortable business dealings with smooth trading transactions and supplies.

If you are looking for pozzolan cement alternatives other than fly ash you may contact us because we deal in following cement alternatives, pozzolan materials or cement replacement. GGBFS Slag, Micro Silica Fumes, RHA Rice Husk Ash, Gypsum and Fly ash class F and Class C.

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