Why Should We Use Fly Ash in Concrete and Cement Production? post in construction magazine

Well if you ask this question from any civil engineer, consultant or any expert concrete engineer, they might give you some reasons to how this can benefit you financially and your construction productivity. 

But is there any greater benefit than this that to get better financial benefit or to make your product better. Yes!


But before I tell you about that benefit, I would like to tell you the harmful causes by flyash. Fly ash is a by-product of coal combustion power plant and to produce electricity, millions of tons of coal is being burned, this produce fumes which before would cause pollution in the air but now due to technology they are settled into storage tanks and then later disposed of.


But after some time, these fumes pollute the air and causes different types of diseases such as eye infections, skin problems and lung diseases it also contaminates the water which harms the marine life and drinking water, Marine life such as fish are a source of food, They also cause us to get sick due to living in the contaminated water.


But we can use fly ash as a partial cement alternative replacement to produce concrete and since it is a byproduct it is cheaper and is more beneficial or provides the same benefits as cement, Fly ash reacts with calcium oxide to become a cementitious material, It reacts as a pozzolan with the lime present in cement as it hydrates making the durable binder that holds concrete together, Concrete made with flyash is stronger and more durable than the concrete made with only Portland cement, It can also be used as a replacement for clay to produce cement clinker and there are also many other uses of flyash.


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Fly Ash for Concrete

Fly Ash for Concrete

Because we don’t only get financial benefits or getting the quality of our products, We also support Eco-friendly environment by using recycle material, Globally five to ten percent of global warming has been created by cement industry, But if you replace cement with flyash,  You are also participating in reducing global warming by minimizing the usage of cement.


 My request to all construction industry related people. Including Civil engineers, Consultants, Constructors, Ready mix, Tuff tiles and Cement manufacturers. Maximize the use of flyash to not only getting a better-quality product or financial benefits. But to also participate to support an Eco-friendly environment.


Tradeworth international was formed in 2010, Since then its main objective is not only to generate revenue. But to also support Eco-friendly environment by working on recycle materials or by products of different industries. If you need any kind of technical and informative support or if you require fly ash or other related materials, we are more than happy to provide it to you.


We have been supplying flyash all over Pakistan in tough tiles, ready mix and cement industries in very competitive rates. Remember you do make a difference as an individual or as an organization in keeping the environment Eco-friendly.