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Fly Ash

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Fly Ash

Fly ash pozzolanic cementitious material.

Because fly ash can be used as a replacement of ordinary portland cement, due to its super fine blame and pozzolanic quality there for it gives more psi strength durability in concrete then traditional concrete.

So manufacturers of concrete, ready mix tuff tiles, construction companies, can utilize fly ash as a prime material because it’s reduce cost, increase strength and quality of their products.

Tradeworth International deal in various kinds of by-products in Karachi Pakistan. because we believe in echo green environment and one of our by-product which is produced by coal combustion fired power plant is Fly Ash. like other building material why fly ash is different see below few of the benefits.

Fly Ash Bricks Benefits:

  • Light weight (due to its light weight it reduces the cost in steel structure)

  • Good compressive strength

  • Fire and heat resistant (keep your buildings or houses cool in summer and warm in winter)

  • Water resistant (No seepage and dampness keep your homes or buildings walls presentable and save maintenance cost)

  • No Alkali or acid attack

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