Fly Ash for Concrete and Cement Production

Flyash for Concrete and Cement ProductionMinerals resource company Tradeworth International focus on converting industrial waste in to useful recycle materials.

Leading Fly Ash Supplier in Pakistan. And one of our product which is highly effective for green concrete is FLYASH and other coal combustion products (CCPs). Including bottom ash, synthetic gypsum, and landfill ash.


Because fly ash is the ultra fine micro particles produced at coal fired power plants that develops contentious properties when mixed with cement and water. And fly ash in concrete is widely used across the Pakistan to the strength and durability of concrete.


Like flyash suppliers such as Tradeworth International use it to improve work-ability of fresh concrete, reduce water demand, shrinkage and permeability of the finished product.


Because we committed to consistently delivering good return to our customers and our buyers. From product selection to their application advice & other solutions like fly ash price and quality for your demand can be offered to you with help of our knowledge base and products.


We serve the industry from a network of distribution facilities across the country, providing high quality fly ash concrete to the ready-mix and construction industries. With an emphasis on quality control and customer service, TWI is well positioned to meet your needs.