Construction and Cement Materials in Pakistan.

The challenge for the #civil #engineering community and infrastructure development industry in the near future will be to realize projects in harmony with the concept of #sustainable #development, and this involves the use of high-performance materials produced at #reasonable #cost with the lowest possible environmental #impact.

#Portland cement concrete is a major #construction material worldwide. Unfortunately, the production of Portland cement releases large amounts of #CO2 into the #atmosphere, and because this gas is a major contributor to the #greenhouse effect and the #global #warming of the #planet, the developed countries are considering very severe regulations and limitations on the CO2 #emissions.

In view of the #global #sustainable #development, it is imperative that #supplementary #cementing #materials be used to replace large proportions of #cement in the #concrete industry, and the most available supplementary cementing material worldwide is #fly ash, a by-product of thermal #power #stations.

To considerably increase the #utilization of #fly #ash that is otherwise being wasted, and to have a significant impact on the production of cement, it is necessary to advocate the use of concrete that will incorporate large amounts of fly ash as a replacement for cement. Such concrete, however, must demonstrate performance comparable to that of conventional Portland cement concrete, and must be cost effective.

In 1985, CANMET developed a concrete incorporating large volumes of fly ash that has all the attributes of high-performance concrete, that is, one that has excellent mechanical properties, low permeability, superior durability, and that is #environmentally friendly.

Large amount of fly ash has been produced by thermal coal power stations in Pakistan. Major cities where you can find fly ash suppliers in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and many other parts of Punjab Sindh and Baluchistan. It is the best opportunity for infrastructure development and construction industry to adopt the fly ash as a prime material to produced concrete and related products in Pakistan.

There are numbers of application where you can use fly ash.

  1. Pavement
  2. Sand Replacement
  3. Cement Alternative
  4. Tuff Tiles
  5. Light Weight Bricks
  6. Light Weight Blocks
  7. Ready-Mix
  8. Concrete Slabs
  9. Road Embankment
  10. Soil Stabilization
  11. Concrete Aggregates Replacement
  12. Land Files and
  13. Many other usages

Fly ash price details:

Fly ash price depends on the location of the site where you going to utilize it and quality of the fly ash.

there are various kinds of fly ash which you can used to replace sand or aggregate to produce concrete, (that kind of fly ash price may be the same as sand or aggregate price are), and there is a fly ash which can be used to replace cement to produce concrete (that kind of fly ash price may be bit higher than the fly ash used in replacement of sand).  but good news for the manufacturers of concrete and bricks that fly ash price in Lahore are very low as compare to other cities and it is a good material to produce bricks.

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