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Pumice for Filtration

As a filtration media, pumice is used as an aggressively-filtering alternative to sand (and other filtration media) for the treatment of municipal and industrial effluents. The low specific gravity and high porosity of pumice make it ideal for these applications and treatment processes.

A growing body of research has shown pumice to be an effective filtering media for drinking water. The foamy structure and near-white purity of Aqua Pumice makes it ideal in the capture and retention of cyanobacterial toxins and other impurities found in fouled drinking water.

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Aqua Pumice Filtration Media Advantages

Pumice has several advantages over other filtration media such as expanded clay, anthracite, sand, and sintered pfa. Comparison tests done between deep bed sand and pumice filters for treating water found pumice to be superior in turbidity removal performance and head loss.



Benefits of pumice for water treatment applications include:

Improved filtration rates

Less energy consumption

Less intensive backwash requirements

Better filtration bed expansion

Larger effective surface area

Low-cost filter refurbishment

Economical: saves on capital expenditures for new treatment plants


Aqua Pumice as an Odor Control Media

Pumice is used in biological scrubbers that remove the nasty stuff from wastewater and industrial emission gases—H2S, mercaptans, and VOCs.


Benefits of pumice for odor control include:

Increased effective surface area

Improved removal rates

Improved media lifespan (10 or more years)

Lightweight nature of pumice means reduced footprint

Rapid biomass growth

Pumice Construction Grade

Aqua Pumice Beverage Filtration


Purification of the ingredients and even the finished beverage is essential to flavor consistency and quality. The same characteristics that make pumice a superior filtration media for water also hold true for beverages and other liquids. Pumice is non-toxic, completely inert and extremely versatile—it can be processed consistently to a wide range of specs.

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